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The Puppies

eretria - Puppy mama

The dame is a wonderful mother - loving, attentive and instinctive. She is always so proud of her puppies; she wants to show everyone! She has a wonderful conformation, a bird dog instinct and is very receptive to training. 


Bear - Puppy Daddy

We are very happy with the sire - a sweet and congenial black lab with handsome proportions; we have enjoyed working with Samantha at Riverview Labs during this process.

Our puppies get lots of socialization with other dogs and children. We expose them to many textures and sounds, and we work on potty training, as well as not to bite or jump. It is recommended this training continue to ensure a well-behaved dog. We have had numerous compliments on the conformation and temperament of our dogs, including repeat customers and referrals. Numerous pups from past litters have gone on to take on the role of a cherished family dog guarding their little humans, trained service/therapy dogs or gotten loads of love and attention from empty nest couples, and we LOVE hearing back from them all!

The dame and sire are AKC (American Kennel Club) certified, and the litters are certified as well.

Labs are amazing family dogs, and ours are especially playful, patient and loyal. They will take all of the love and affection children can dish out!


this year's Litter


Eretria birthed ten beautiful, fuzzy, squealy puppies on September 30, 2022! They are a perfect spread, at least one of each gender and color! Mama was fantastic during the birth, as usual. We are so delighted :)

The cost is $1,500 with a $500 non-refundable reservation fee. They will be ready to go to their forever homes on or around November 25, 2022.

There are no breeding limitations with this contract

Puppies come with up-to-date shots and vet checks, and the litter is AKC certified. You will receive the medical record of your pup, along with contract, lineage chart, a weeks' supply of food and AKC paperwork, 
should you choose to certify your individual puppy. They will be fully weaned from breast milk and transitioned to dry food.


Previous Litters

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