Pronounced  -  Shock  -  Tee

Shakti was our very first dog on the farm, and the original inspiration for the name. We adopted her from a local humane society and she instantly stole our hearts. Her name comes from the Sanskrit and is the female half of the energy that flows through everything. This is very fitting of her because she is a great source of energy on the farm. She spends most of the day outside in a position that allows her to watch over all of her farmers and farm animals. If something is not right she zips across the farm to see what's wrong.


Pronounced  -  Berry

Berie is our purebred black labrador retriever. She spends most of her time hanging out with her sister or chasing her ball around the farm.  She produced seven amazingly cute and well mannered purebred puppies in the Spring of 2016.  She had 2 more litters and is currently on her 4th and final in Summer 2019.


 Pronounced  -  HAME-doll

Heimdall is one of our livestock guard dogs. He is a wicked goof ball and always is happy to see humans, but he strikes fear in the hearts of wild animals and others that are not part of his domain.


Pronounced  -  Zee - na

Xena is our other livestock guard dog. She is a little smaller and prettier than Heimdall, but still a force to be reckoned with when something is amiss.



Pronounced  -  Air - a - tray - a

Eretria was sired by Remy and was born in May 2018. Berie is her mommy. She is an intelligent and sweet dog with a beautiful reddish coat and a wicked fast sprint. 

The Puppies

Remy - Puppy Daddy


Previous Litters