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Handmade Reversible Mohair/Wool Beanie Hat



This reversible/two-layered beanie is a 60% mohair / 40% wool blend. The mohair comes from our own angora goats; comes with a picture of Elvis and Casper so you can meet your mohair! They clean up real nice, don't they? One size fits most. Add more flair by clicking the link on our website for a handmade gray or brown faux fur pom pom for just $3!

Cream Mohair/Merino Beanie Hat

  • Hand wash cool with mild detergent; lay flat to dry. 

  • To shrink, soak in luke warm water for a few minutes, lay flat until almost dry, then put in the dryer. Check every few minutes until the hat is the size you want. To stretch, soak in luke warm water for a few minutes, stretch over a bowl the size you need until dry.

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