We have been selling our homemade goat milk soap at local farmer's markets and community events, and have been asked many times "How can I restock whenever I want?"

So, we're proud to have started our online store so we can finally get our products out to you anytime, anywhere. Enjoy!


Our Goat Breeds

Toggenburg Goats

Our Toggenburgs are very affectionate.  Like our dogs, they are always up for a back scratch, a vigorous rub on the forehead, or sometimes they just want to calmly lean against our legs.  


The Toggenburg originates from the Toggenburg Valley in Switzerland. This breed is small to medium in size, sturdy, vigorous, and alert in appearance. It is known for its productivity and calm nature. The hair varies from short to long, but is always soft, and fine. The ears should be small, erect and point forward. Facial lines must be dished or straight (dished preferred). Its color is solid, varying from light fawn to dark chocolate with no preference for any shade.  

Angora Goats

Angoras originated from what was called Angora Turkey. They are know for their long lustrous fiber called mohair.

Boer & Kikos Goats